Best Self

A UCC experience inspires growth and learning, and nurtures in each boy the unique combination of head, heart and humanity that represents his best self.

Strategic Priority: Stewardship

Cultivate courageous citizens who advance the common good.

Since our founding, UCC has been committed to instilling a sense of public purpose in boys. Today, we aim to develop globally minded students who seek to better their world. To help them gain nuanced perspectives on the complexities of our world, we will continue to embed an understanding of contemporary issues of global importance into our curriculum. Themes of pluralism and social justice will have greater presence in our classrooms, with emphasis placed on the value of learning among peers with varied points of view.

To provide boys with age-appropriate ways to make a positive and direct impact on society, we will enhance our service learning program, offering more local, national and global opportunities for engagement. Boys will have the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and areas for growth, recognize the ethics of their choices and actions, engage in issues of global significance and develop a deeper sense of empathy.

Students will be challenged to further their awareness of and responsibility for environmental sustainability. They will apply their learning in real-world contexts, preparing them to become active and engaged citizens and stewards of the environment.

Near-Term Initiatives

  • Develop whole-school philosophy and framework for service