Best Self

A UCC experience inspires growth and learning, and nurtures in each boy the unique combination of head, heart and humanity that represents his best self.

Strategic Priority: Wellbeing

Nurture the personal journey of each boy, developing his cognitive, physical, social and emotional self.

At UCC we understand that wellbeing is unique to each individual and is our collective responsibility. Fostering the development of individual wellbeing is fundamental to the UCC experience. We are dedicated to supporting each boy to be his best, do his best and feel his best.

To help boys develop the knowledge, self-awareness and strengths of character that will allow them to flourish, we will deliver individualized wellbeing programming that enhances cognitive, physical, social and emotional health. Initiatives that support individual and collective wellbeing will be developed across the whole school and integrated into our culture and curriculum.

To ensure students have the support they need to thrive, we are committed to providing counselling and advising programs within a comprehensive student support framework.

Near-Term Initiatives

  • Develop and implement signature Wellbeing Program
  • Enhance counselling and advising programs with whole-school approach to student services and wellbeing